Are your managers skilled at accountability?

Are your managers skilled at accountability?Both for themselves and the team they lead?

A study cited in the Harvard Business Review found that from a survey of over 5,400 managers around the world, 46 per cent rated ‘too little’ in terms of “Holds people accountable — firm when they don’t deliver”.

Whilst the study is now a few years old, we can’t imagine the statistics have improved dramatically. The idea that almost half of the managers surveyed are not keeping their people accountable indicates that perhaps KPIs aren’t being meet and overall business objectives may be falling by the wayside.

This avoidance of accountability by management can also lead to disharmony in the team, if some people are seen to be getting a ‘free ride’ by not having to meet the same expectations of other team members.

A checklist to help you and your staff be accountable

  • Do you have a process in place to ensure day-to-day tasks are completed and checked?
  • Have staff being given clear objectives and/or KPIs?
  • Are KPIs checked on a scheduled basis?
  • Are your managers given training to ensure they are able to handle the ‘tough’ conversations?
  • Are all staff aware of, and held responsible for, the overall business objectives?
  • Do you have in place the opportunity for a 360 review of staff and managers?

If you would like help either training your managers or putting in place processes for accountability, please get in touch.