5 ways to avoid preventable safety mistakes

For all good business owners your people come first, and keeping your team safe in the workplace is a major priority. But avoiding accidents requires both a thought-out strategy and a commitment to putting the right actions in place. Here are five ways you can help to avoid preventable safety […]


3 Reasons Internal Training Improves Your Business Profits


Your business is only as good as your people. You’ve probably heard that a million times — but it’s more relevant today than ever before. Technology, customer expectations and industry trends are developing at lightning speed in the dynamic modern economy. And the only way to compete is to ensure […]


4 Ways Quality Management Will Make You a Better Manager


                      You might be the best solicitor, architect, accountant, project manager or civil engineer in your industry, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have the right skill set to build a thriving business. Management is a whole new kettle of […]


3 Ways Management Consulting Helps Your Business Grow


Business growth doesn’t happen by accident. It requires a deep commitment to creating and maintaining the management processes that will boost your profitability, improve your stability and identify new business opportunities. Of course, that’s much easier said than done as the every-day challenges of running a business dominate your attention. […]


SafeWork NSW Blitz results are in

SafeWork NSW has recently announced the results of their campaign to reduce falls in the workplace – known as the blitz. This campaign was in response to alarming numbers of workplace falls tripling from 2013-2016. Workplace falls is the number one killer on construction sites in NSW. This is a […]


Heavy vehicle supply chain roles and responsibilities


As a manager or worker in the supply chain, you are obligated to ensure the safe and legal transportation of goods within Australia. A breach of Heavy Vehicle National Laws can result in a legal prosecution. It’s important to be aware of the roles and responsibilities of each party in […]


Why you need a safety consultant to reduce workplace risks


Business owners sometimes have the perception that safety consultancy may be an unnecessary financial burden. However, it’s vital to bear in mind that a safety consultant’s role is to identify gaps in existing safety processes. Identifying these gaps and responding with a process restructure helps minimise workplace injuries and can […]


Four reasons why risk management is important for your business


Risk management is a process dedicated to identifying risks within a business and developing procedures to mitigate or eliminate potential issues. An effective system helps maintain the safety of staff, whilst protecting business resources.   Risk management is an essential part of effective business planning and organisations are expected to […]


How Chain of Responsibility can save your business money

Chain of responsibility

Chain of Responsibility legislation changes come into effect in October 2018. Anyone working in the heavy vehicle industry and supply chain will be affected – but this shouldn’t be a cause for stress. Your business will be a safer, more profitable place by getting on board with the new legislation […]


How a Mentally Healthy Workforce Benefits Your Business


There’s no doubt a happy workplace is more productive and a better place to be. A workplace who fosters a positive culture of mental health can see a variety of benefits over workplaces who sweep mental health under the rug. To the businesses who are sweeping the mental health of […]


How Risk Assessments Save Your Business Money


Risk assessments often seem like a drain on time, resources, and valuable manpower. However, the investment of these three elements can save your business thousands (if not potentially millions) of dollars in fines, lawyers, and sick leave. If your business doesn’t perform regular risk assessments as part of your safety […]


2 Ways Quality Management Systems Will Help Your Business

team fist pump after quality management meeting

If you read our recent post on the benefits of internal safety audits, you’ll know that when staff have a purpose and are trained, they’re happier and more productive. Implementing a quality management system helps to define their purpose. But that’s not the only benefit of implementing a quality management […]


2018 Review of the model WHS laws (a quick guide)


2018 Review of the model WHS act: a quick guide of the laws   We know you’re busy, so we’ve written a summary of what you need to know about the reviews of the work health and safety laws. Click on the relevant links for more information if you require […]


3 Benefits of Internal Safety Audits to a Business


3 blindingly obvious benefits of your staff completing internal safety audits If the very idea of internal audits emanates a shudder down your spine – you don’t know the power of a good internal audit. Don’t stress – internal audits are here to make your life (and business) better. With […]


The new changes to chain of responsibility obligations


Chain of Responsibility (CoR) obligations have been revised and will be arriving in mid-2018 bringing with it changes which will impact on many more organisations. These changes are closely aligned with workplace health and safety laws and see a significant increase in penalties for non-compliance. What is CoR? The National […]


5 Reasons why you MUST audit your business


Before you read any further I can hear your thoughts already. Internal audits… Talk about boring. Why do I need to be involved? I don’t ‘get’ internal auditing. Let me break it down in simple terms. An internal audit of your business is like a health check. Think about this […]


How to Put Together a Competitive Benefits Package

To succeed in business, you need to surround yourself with top talent. One of the ways to draw the top employees to your company is through a competitive benefits package. But in Australia, this is somewhat difficult. Australian law already requires healthy amounts of paid time off and super contributions […]


5 things you need to know about the ISO9001:2015 update


Late 2015 the standards committee introduced to the world a quality standard that is designed to fit any type and size of business. Our clients have asked us many questions about the new standard. What does it all mean? How do I apply this to my business and drive quality […]


BusinessBasics sponsor business improvement events

BNS BDF sponsorship

At the crux of what we do is finding ways to help improve the businesses of our clients. But we have decided to take that a step further and facilitate business improvement learnings by partnering with the Hunter Business Chamber. With our Head Office in Newcastle, NSW, we strive to […]


Why you should get external help with your business strategy

Business strategy

The concept of business strategy can seem overwhelming for many small-to-medium (SME) businesses because it conjures up images of days or weeks spent away from the day-to-day running of the business, massive folders of information and a big bill to work with outsourced consultants. It doesn’t have to be this […]


What compliance do I need for my business?

quality management

Asking what compliance you need to be aware of for your business is a little bit like asking how long a piece of string can be. The answer will differ, sometimes substantially, between businesses. Being aware that there are elements of compliance for your business is the first step! From […]


BusinessBasics once again recognised for their excellence

The annual Hunter Business Awards recognised excellence across a number of a categories and the BusinessBasics team are thrilled to once again be named finalists. For the third year in a row, BusinessBasics is a finalist in the Excellence in Small Business and Customer Service categories. In addition, BusinessBasics Executive […]


Taking time out for business strategy and planning

business strategy

As a business owner or manager the day-to-day operation of your business is vital for success. BUT just as vital is business strategy and planning, the problem is it get pushed to the side time after time as operations take priority or people believe it is too expensive. The effect […]


Are you aware of the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 changes?

change compliance

Last year was a big year for businesses who are certified, as ISO (the International Organization for Standardization) released updates for both ISO9001 Quality Management standard and ISO14001 Environmental Management. Both releases have some significant changes – for the better – however it does mean that organisations that currently have […]


101 workshops – Risk Management and Technology

paperwork overload in business

The unique, simple approach of BusinessBasics Australia to business management has helped many organisations around Australia, ranging from very small businesses to large corporations. As part of our ongoing commitment to deliver information to industries of all sizes, primarily in regional areas, we are pleased to announce two new 101 Workshops. […]