Chain of Responsibility


Changes to Chain of Responsibility (CoR) laws are being amended and will be rolled out in 2018 (read here for more information on the changes). From this time every heavy vehicle transport supply chain will need to comply with these laws. Learn about the Chain of Responsibility and how it affects your business.

We offer our Chain of Responsibility services across the country, operating from locations including Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane & Newcastle.

What is the Chain of Responsibility?

The Chain of Responsibility is an area of compliance which holds businesses accountable for unsafe practices in the heavy vehicle industry. CoR ensures the accountability and safety of heavy vehicle drivers by requiring everyone in the supply chain to be responsible for safe practices on and off the road.

Why is a Chain of Responsibility beneficial to a business?

Heavy Vehicle Transport is the most dangerous occupation in Australia. Businesses need to take responsibility and enforce changes to ensure the safety of their staff and individuals on the road. This is incredibly beneficial to any business in the road transport supply chain industry for numerous reasons. For the business owner, compliance means avoiding penalties and operating a safe business. This has long-term benefits financially and internally for staff. For staff members, a business which complies with CoR laws indicates a healthy and safe workplace.

How BusinessBasics can help your business with Chain of Responsibility

The team at BusinessBasics can audit your existing CoR system, providing you with a gap analysis of the areas for improvement. If your business requires support and a plan to improve your CoR compliance, BusinessBasics can help.

We can also assist with any elements of your CoR requirements, from single process risk assessments to ongoing outsourced help.

Who is responsible for the Chain of Responsibility?

Every party within the supply chain is responsible for different areas of your individual area. Parties include:

  • Drivers
  • Loaders/Packers
  • Operator, Manager or Scheduler
  • Consignor/Receiver

For more information on your responsibilities under the new Chain of Responsibilities laws, get in touch with our team today. We can help audit your existing system or develop a system to ensure the compliance and safety of your business and staff.

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