G Suite

G Suite – Google Apps for Work

BusinessBasics can assist your organisation with technology, collaboration and communication tools. As an authorised Google Partner, we can provide full setup and ongoing management of your G Suite apps – let us worry about you technology for you, so you can focus on performance.

Why G Suite?

G Suite – Google Apps are a catalyst for business transformation.

Google Apps fundamentally changes and improves how teams collaborate and communicate across your company. Google Apps works the same across all devices, regions, and operating systems, so the tools you use drive innovation and agility – without disrupting your work.

Eliminate collaboration and file management headaches.

Real-time collaboration and file management simplicity are two of the best things about Google Apps. Finally, your teams can skip emailing files and eliminate the confusion of dealing with multiple document versions. With real-time document collaboration, users see immediate gains in effectiveness and productivity.

Bring Google innovation and scale to your company.

You probably use Google already. Google Apps lets you bring that scale, innovation, and power to your company. You get integrated messaging and collaboration with unparalleled ease-of-use that grows with your company.

Google Apps greatly reduces IT costs.

With simple per user pricing, there are no complicated licensing agreements or upgrade costs. And with no hardware to purchase or manage, automatic updates, and streamlined administration, total cost of ownership over time is significantly less than other solutions.

G Suite

Why Choose BusinessBasics?

We are one of the largest providers of diversified business services in Australia, with dozens of staff spread around the country in many locations. This market leading scale allows us to service both the smallest local clients and the largest national and multi-national corporations.

BusinessBasics staff have extensive real-world industry experience prior to working with us. We don’t just provide “qualified” consultants – we match the best consultant to your needs. Your consultant will have extensive industry experience and related technology skills and qualifications, resulting in more relevant processes and outcomes for your business.

Our consultants have extensive experience in a wide variety of industries – as a result we can provide expert opinion and great context no matter which industry your business is in.

Contact us today to see how we can help your business. We have specialists in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Newcastle, the NSW Central Coast and others covering all of Australia and New Zealand.