Variety Bash | Durka Merca (Car323) Diary 21 May 2015

Well we started the day with the changing of my rear passenger side tyre and then after a hearty breakfast at the Condobolin Public School we were off, with Captain A at the helm to steer us through .

We set off like a thousand startle Gazelles with Captain A finally get a dirt drive.

We were going along nicely and made our way to Peak Hill for a quick pit stop, then continued to Yeoval for lunch. On the dirt again and Captain A was making great progress then we came across THE CAUSEWAY OF DEATH, we hit a little hard and lost power …

We were stuck on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere, then the knight in shining armour appeared – The Purple People Eater – who towed us to a section that was flatter and straight. While the head scratching continued, Ants looked rear way and notice a trail of liquid on the ground which led all the way to my fuel tank.

Well when you have to go you have to go …

So with much sadness The Purple People Eater continued and left us in the capable hands of the crew from mobile workshop 3 who were AWESOME. They left me onto the tow truck and off  I went to Yeoval to visit the doctor for the second time in 2 days, I am beginning to think I am getting old.

Unfortunately due to the lack of seats Baz and Ants were left with mobile workshop 5 and trying to get a lift to Yeovel, Baz went with the crazy guys in car 505 the Honey Bees BEES and Ants was off with the guys in the little cement truck. We all were reunited in Yeoval but that is where the story really begins.

Captain A was able to secure some filler for the tank, but alas we had to wait another hour at least to see if it would work.

While this happened Adam, Baz and Ants took light refreshments at the Yeoval Hotel.  The guys made some new friends and I waited and waited  to see what would happen.

An hour had passed and it was time to put fuel in my tank.  The crew held their breaths as the put in the first jerry can, stepped back and … nothing happened! The patch had worked!

Then came the next moment of truth – would my motor turn over and start?

The crew tried ad tried and added another jerry can full and tried and tried but I would not start.

 Sir Harry, the magnificent, stepped forward and helped out, but still nothing. We tried and tried again but nothing.

Then came head scratching again but still nothing. Baz, the bush mechanic, tried to look at the fuel pump but he just could not get a good look.

The the locals at Yeoval helped out again and towed us to Jack the Mechanic in Yeoval, with 10 minutes to before Jack shut up for the evening I was into the doctor again. In 10 seconds flat Jack had fixed the problem and I was off and running again.

The three remaining crew then took me to Mudgee in the dark and rainy road, with driving lights that don’t light up the road we were off on the final leg of todays adventure and finally we made it.

A big thank you goes to the people of Yeoval for their help and hospitality , if you are ever out that way stop into the pub have a beer and a chat… 

Well as I sit here in Mudgee having a nice shower I think it is time for me to get some sleep, can’t wait to see what tomorrow will bring on our way to Cessnock.

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